Swearing a document is similar to what a witness does in court when that person swears that he or she will tell the truth.

There are certain rules laid down for swearing a document, as is the recent law 14(I)/2021. Your own lawyer is prohibited by law from swearing your own document. You must go to a Court Registrar or a Lawyer in another firm. A Court Registrar is a person who is responsible among other things, to be available for people who want to swear affidavits in front of them. You swear in front of the Registrar for affidavits or Lawyer who is dully register at a Registry kept for this purpose. This is to ensure that you are swearing the document independently, without being influenced by another person.

” a lawyer who has been practicing law for at least five (5) consecutive years, who at his request, submitted accompanied by the necessary certificates, is approved by the Supreme Court and is registered in the Register of Lawyers who take an Oath/Affidavit:

It is understood that a lawyer before whom an oath, affirmation, affidavit or declaration is given or before whom any such document is drawn up may not accept such an affidavit, affirmation, affidavit or declaration if he or another attorney in the same office represents who intends to take the oath or another person who is part of the proceedings or is related to it or to the subject for which the oath is induced, or when he has an interest in the case, or is a relative of any of the above persons up to the third degree.

Based on the provisions of the new legislation as amended, lawyers can take an oath in cases that have no interest in the relationship.

For this purpose, the law firm Orphanides, Christofides & Co LLC and members of the it’s team are in the process of being dully registered in the relevant registry for the purpose of induction of oath.


    • Check your identity.
  • Ask you whether you have read the document.
    • Ask you whether you understand the document.
  • Administer the oath or affirmation.


The Lawyer  will charge an amount for each signature and separately for every document which has to be attached to, or exhibited with, the main document.

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