Categories A, B and C – Covid19

The Ministry of Health of Cyprus announced new categorization of countries with effect from Friday 28 August as follows:

Germany Austria Bulgaria
Estonia Belgium France
Latvia Denmark Croatia
Lithuania Greece Luxemburg
Hungary Ireland Romania
Slovakia Italy Spain
Slovenia Poland Malta
Finland Portugal The Netherlands
Liechtenstein Sweden Andorra
Norway Czech Republic Algeria
Georgia United Kingdom Serbia
Canada Switzerland Morocco
New Zealand Iceland Montenegro
South Korea Monaco Australia 
Thailand Vatican City Tunisia
San Marino Russia
Rwanda Ukraine
Uruguay Faroe Islands
China Egypt
Japan United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia


All passengers, regardless of country category, are required to apply for Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours before their departure.

Further COVID-19 molecular sampling laboratory molecular testing will be performed on passengers of selected arriving flights.

Category A

COVID-19 laboratory test certificate or self-restraint is not required. 

Category B

Passengers must hold a COVID – 19 negative laboratory test and the test must be done no later than 72 hours before departure. 

Passengers from category B countries falling into the following categories may undergo the molecular examination upon arrival in the Republic:

  1. a) Cypriot citizens and members of their families (their foreign spouses, minor children and their parents),
  2. b) all legally resident in the Republic,

(c) persons entitled under the Vienna Convention;

  1. d) persons regardless of nationality, in the country of residence of which no laboratory analysis service is provided (public or private), to those who wish to travel to the Republic of Cyprus and upon relevant announcement.

It is noted that the cost of the test is covered by them and in addition these individuals will have to remain under house arrest until the result is issued.


Category C 

Travelling to Cyprus from countries listed in Category C is allowed only for: 

  1. Cypriot citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Cyprus, and their family members.
  2. Persons legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus.
  3. Persons allowed to enter the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with the Vienna Convention.
  4. Persons who do not fall under any of the above, provided that they have obtained prior written permission by the Republic of Cyprus, as defined in the Decree for Communicable Diseases (N.30) as amended.

Only the certain categories of citizens as listed above are allowed to enter the Republic and have the option to choose to undergo a diagnostic test for COVID-19 virus upon arrival in Cyprus or to have with them a RT-PCR COVID-19 certificate with a negative result no later than 72 hours before their departure. It is noted that these individuals should remain in self-restraint for 14 days.

Citizens arriving from Category C as listed above countries must undergo a COVID-19 molecular test 48 hours before the end of their 14-day self-restraint period at their own expense. The result of the laboratory test must be sent to It is understood that the self-restriction ends on the 14th day and if the result of the repeated laboratory test is negative.

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